LCC 80 PRESETS PACK (30 LUTs + 30 Lightroom Presets + 20 Transitions)

LCC 80 PRESETS PACK (30 LUTs + 30 Lightroom Presets + 20 Transitions)

24.99 50.00

This package was created by videographer and photographer Quentin Jaques, it includes 80 Presets for the following softwares in the Adobe CC Suite :
- Photoshop CC
- Lightroom Classic CC
- Premiere Pro CC

Editing is the most time consuming part in the life of a photographer or videographer, this is why i created this package in order to simplify and accelerate this process.

This is the widest range of editing presets that you can find on the market, all the best ones i’ve been using for years in my professional carrer and it’s my pleasure to share them today with you. These presets offer spectacular colour gradings to make all your photos and videos look top-notch quality in just one click. There is also transitions and glitches available to upgrade your video editing skills. All the presets are named after one legendary movie from which it’s inspired of. Everything is simple to use and fully explained in my tutorial video.

By getting this unique pack you will be charged only 24,99$ for everything instead of the regular 50$ that is applied for getting the 3 packages separately (which equals to only 0,31$ per preset, the Best Offer currently on the Market !)

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